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Specs of the Best Android Phones

Keywords: android cpu gpu hardware

If I were to rank the best Android phones —I favor CPU speed, unit weight, and have 512MB RAM minimum as a requirement— my list would be:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S, 1GHz Hummingbird, 480x800 resolution, 512MB RAM, 122x64x10mm, 118g
  2. HTC Droid Incredible, 1GHz Snapdragon, 480x800, 512MB, 118x59x12mm, 130g
  3. HTC Nexus One, 1GHz Snapdragon, 480x800, 512MB, 119x60x12mm, 130g
  4. Motorola Droid 2, 1GHz OMAP3620, 480x854, 512MB, 116x61x14mm, 169g
  5. Motorola Droid X, 1GHz OMAP3630, 480x854, 512MB, 128x66x10mm, 155g
  6. HTC Evo, 1GHz Snapdragon, 480x800, 512MB, 122x66x13mm, 170g

The Galaxy S does have the fastest processor. Out of all the processors used by these units, Hummingbird and OMAP36xx are based on the same ARM Cortex A8 core, but the former has a better GPU (PowerVR SGX 540 vs. SGX 530) with double the pipelines and higher clock speeds. And both the Hummingbird and OMAP36xx are generally recognized as faster than the Snapdragon. The Galaxy S even outperforms the iPhone 4 hardware.

That said, feature-wise, I have to admit that the HDMI output of the Droid X and Evo is pretty slick.