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Pictures of Nebulae, the Fastest GPU Supercomputer

Keywords: gpu hardware performance

I have not seen these pictures disseminated anywhere other than on one chinese technology website, IT168, so I thought I would share. They show Nebulae, the number 2 supercomputer according to the most recent TOP500 list.

Nebulae is composed of 4640 nodes, where each node has two Intel Xeon X5650 processors and one Nvidia C2050 GPU, for a total of 9280 processors and 4640 GPUs. Each node is a blade. There are 10 of them per blade chassis, 4 chassis per rack, or 40 nodes per rack. Therefore Nebulae represents at least 116 racks, not counting networking, storage, and other control equipment. So what can be seen in the above picture is most of it: 8 rows of about 18 racks.

You can find the original pictures in this IT168 article. Dawning, the designer and manufacturer of Nebulae, has a page on it with some technical details that seem interesting. But it is (literally!) Chinese to me. And with so much text in images, Google translate is not much of any help. I need to learn Chinese.


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