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Adobe's Primordial Flash Example is Incorrect

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One of the most visited pages on by developers for a quick reference to the official and peculiar syntax to embed a Flash application in a Web page, OBJECT and EMBED syntax | Flash, is wrong about the syntax.

Not wrong in a pedantic actually-it-should-be-done-this-way-for-better-compliance way, but wrong in the sense it will not load Flash applications under Firefox and probably other browsers.

<embed href="/support/flash/ts/documents/myFlashMovie.swf" ...

It should be src instead of href!

<embed src="/support/flash/ts/documents/myFlashMovie.swf" ...

One of my pet peeves is attention to detail, but I just cannot imagine how Adobe can screw so badly that they get this primordial document wrong.

For my inquisitive readers who want more details, I was testing with Firefox 3.0.19 under Linux, and Flash Player